Ragdolls with the Spirit of the Southwest


Welcome to ZiaDolls!


Located in Carlsbad, New Mexico

Ziadolls Cattery is a small cattery designed with the cat’s happiness in mind. We are a TICA and CFA registered cattery.

We are a cageless cattery. Our Queens also have their own room to bring up their kittens with privacy, while all the others have complete freedom to roam the rest of the house. They receive premium food and receive excellent veterinary care. These cats are not just part of the cattery, they are a part of my family and are treated as such.

My goal is to produce great healthy Ragdolls with that trademark floppy lovable personality with a huggable soft coat and stunning blue eyes. All my cats have or are in the process of being tested for HCM and those that have tested; the results are negative.

Other than showing my Ragdolls, I also am preparing to participate in the Pet Therapy program with Kiley. She has been evaluated and approved to visit any situation such as nursing homes and hospitals.

Enjoy your visit to Ziadolls.com and contact me soon to Reserve your next Ragdoll Family Member!

Michele Cartright-Durdee